Why Your Restaurant Needs A Food Safety App

food safety app for restaurants
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Running a kitchen takes a lot of work, especially when it comes to handling food safely. We know that as a responsible restaurateur, you put a lot of value into the food safety of your restaurant. If it’s not handled properly, you risk negatively impacting the health of your staff and customers. Thankfully, modern technology has created a simple solution for food safety in restaurants. Let’s examine some of the ways a food safety app like RiskLimiter’s can make your restaurant a safer place.


Monitor Food Temperatures

Sufficient food safety in restaurants is almost impossible to accomplish without proper temperature control. RiskLimiter Food Safety helps you accurately check and record food temperatures to enhance safety and ensure regulatory compliance. By using our Proprietary T3™ Smart Thermometer, you’ll be able to stream extremely accurate temperature readings to the RiskLimiter mobile app in real time. The T3™ Smart Thermometer includes reliable Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for wireless communication with smart devices, allowing it to connect directly to the app on your phone or tablet. Simply insert the probe or scan the infrared to read and record the temperature. If the recorded temperature is within acceptable range, the app will automatically advance to the next item. If out of range, you are prompted to choose a corrective action. Upon measurement, all inspection data is automatically transferred to the secure RiskLimiter cloud. Any “out of compliances” will trigger a notification to be sent to the appropriate personnel via email, text or the RiskLimiter Manager’s Application. This way, it is easy for you to monitor the temperatures of your food and ensure everything is up to regulation standards.


Monitor Cold Storage

Making sure your food is in the correct temperature range is one thing, but making sure your refrigerated space is operating properly is even more important. If you have malfunctioning cold storage space, your whole inventory may be in jeopardy. With RiskLimiter Sensor Monitors installed in your cold storage, you will be notified immediately, via email or text, when this equipment malfunctions and temperatures within the device, or the temperature of your product itself, fall outside of acceptable ranges. RiskLimiter sensors are mounted to the controlled temperature device, with a lead that reaches inside. These leads end in a small tube that contains a substance simulating the product inside the cooler. The sensors are programmed to record temperatures at any interval desired. Data is first communicated wirelessly to the RiskLimiter Ethernet gateway, placed up to 1,000 feet away, and then transmitted to the RiskLimiter cloud in real time, without the need for a computer. With this quick real-time response, you don’t have to worry about losing any time to malfunctioning cold storage ever again.


Monitor Cooling Logs

Here at RiskLimiter, we are proud to say that we have introduced the world’s first automated, mobile app-based cooling log software. RiskLimiter Kitchen keeps accurate cooling logs. As a fully automated cooling log, RiskLimiter Kitchen is able to provide real-time temperature reports, automatically send alerts, suggest corrective actions and store all data in the Cloud. It’s also perfect for hot and cold holding monitoring, cook temperature monitoring and time as temperature control. The automated version of RiskLimiter Kitchen can even track the cooling process when no employees are on the premises, making it perfect for overnight cooling. By making it easy to take accurate cooling logs, you’ll be able to increase food safety, reduce product loss, and provide evidence of reasonable care. 


Should I Get a Food Safety App?

Have we convinced you that RiskLimiter Food Safety is a product you must have? With our innovative kitchen monitoring technology, RiskLimiter has created the ideal solution for food safety in restaurants. By monitoring your kitchen effectively, you will not only be able to increase your food safety but also cut down on costs and eliminate errors. The decision is simple. Schedule a demo with RiskLimiter today.