Risk Limiter & Envysion Integration

Risk Limiter & Envysion Integration Integrating RiskLimiter & Envysion gives operators the ability to watch videos of completed inspections, as well as added benefits like cloud reporting & digital capture for every inspection performed.   About Envysion Envysion’s managed video software solutions integrate recorded video with in-store data such as point-of-sale, inspection software, and alarm

Health Inspection Solutions For Restaurant Owners In The COVID-19 World

Prior to the pandemic, health inspections at restaurants were focused on restaurant food safety. Foodborne illnesses were top of mind in the past, but not anymore. Food safety inspectors focused on making sure that kitchens were clean and that practices in preparing and handling food met requirements. While restaurant food safety still remains a priority,

RiskLimiter and Envysion Collaborate Technologies to Offer New Solution to Reduce Risk and Loss Prevention for Restaurant and Supermarket Operators

Envysion and RiskLimiter have collaborated resources to offer an unparalleled integrated solution that reduces risk and offers loss prevention for restaurant and supermarket operators. While both companies have been key players in this space for some time, this new collaboration offers a platform that combines both companies’ technologies to complement their goals of reducing risk