Inspection Apps – Cambria County

Do you ever find yourself wondering how to improve health and safety in the workplace? In many industries, your customers’ and employees’ health and safety are on the line almost every day. Not only do you want to protect the people who frequent your business, but you also want to avoid the expensive price tag that comes with accidents in the workplace. Fortunately, the commercial inspection apps from RiskLimiter are the perfect way to do just that for restaurants in Cambria County. Let’s take a closer look at what RiskLimiter’s Inspection Suite has to offer. 

RiskLimiter Inspection Suite

RiskLimiter’s Inspection Suite is your high-tech, easy-to-use solution for running inspections, recording and storing inspection data, sending out-of-compliance notifications, filing reports, and much more. The Inspection Suite includes five innovative products to fit your needs: Inspector, Food Safety, Sensor Monitor, Reporter, and Kitchen. 

RiskLimiter Inspector

How does a 30 percent decrease in slip and fall frequency sound? What about a 50 percent decrease in the overall cost of claims? RiskLimiter’s Inspector can do both of those things thanks to its advanced technology. You can now verify employee routines, ensure acceptable facility conditions, and enhance your company’s safety procedures all on one mobile app. 

RiskLimiter Food Safety

If you work in an environment that handles food, then RiskLimiter’s Food Safety technology is perfect for you. By combining the T3™ Smart Thermometer and a high-tech mobile app, you can accurately check and record the food temperatures in your workplace. Say goodbye to wasted food and hello to increased safety!

RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor

There is nothing worse than coming into work in the morning to see that your refrigerator hasn’t been working properly since the night before. Spoiled food is a huge waste of money and can cause quite a commotion during work. With RiskLimiter’s Sensor Monitor, you will receive a notification straight to your phone when temperatures fall outside a predetermined range. 

RiskLimiter Reporter

Accidents involving a customer or employee are never fun. But, with RiskLimiter’s Reporter feature, you can easily organize your files and claims after an incident occurs and a lawsuit ensues. The results of an accident now and in the future can be vastly different thanks to RiskLimiter’s Reporter. 

RiskLimiter Kitchen

Keeping cooling logs is now easier than ever thanks to RiskLimiter’s Kitchen. This feature provides real-time temperature reports, automatically sends alerts, suggests corrective actions, and stores all of that data for you in the Cloud. With our Kitchen technology, you can even track temperatures when no one is on the premises. 

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The days of wondering how to improve health and safety in the workplace are finally over. The RiskLimiter Inspection Suite can protect you, your employees, and your customers from the risks that come with running a business. Are you interested in learning more about the products at RiskLimiter? Contact us today to schedule a free demo to try out any of our Inspection Suite products. We can’t wait to make your workplace as safe as possible!