Health Inspection Solutions For Restaurant Owners In The COVID-19 World

covid-19 health inspections
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Prior to the pandemic, health inspections at restaurants were focused on restaurant food safety. Foodborne illnesses were top of mind in the past, but not anymore. Food safety inspectors focused on making sure that kitchens were clean and that practices in preparing and handling food met requirements. While restaurant food safety still remains a priority, health inspectors must now also focus on what restaurant operators are doing to protect their employees and customers from the spread of the coronavirus. 

By now certain COVID-19 precautions are widely known, such as the importance of social distancing and wearing masks. But what else should restaurant operators be taking into consideration when planning out safe operations for their establishment and what should they expect the next time they get a visit from a health inspector?

These are ever-evolving questions and answers as we navigate through the pandemic. In the meantime, we’ve gathered our top tips for restaurant owners to help them through their next health inspection below:

  1. Make Sure Paperwork is Ready! It’s very important to ensure that all of your paperwork that includes permits, licenses, certificates, etc is up-to-date and ready to be presented to a food safety inspector or health inspector when they arrive. The organization of these documents is key! We suggest keeping a folder that is easily accessible and ready at all times with these documents.
  2. Look Out For Violations: There are simple things such as making sure you have enough masks on hand and hand sanitizer. Are your employees maintaining social distancing guidelines in an obvious way? These are all things to look for on a daily basis so that if a health inspector shows up, that person will be confident in your backend systems as well. 
  3. Continue Following Social Distancing Guidelines: Showcasing what your occupancy is and offering directional signage can make all the difference here! We suggest making it obvious.
  4. Food Safety is Still Priority: Even though there are new guidelines to keep in mind, we have to remind you that food safety is still of utmost importance. Make sure everyone working at your restaurant knows your standards and processes to ensure proper preparation and handling of food.
  5. Temperature Temps Should Be Taken: This is an ongoing precaution that may or may not be mandatory in your state. If it is, make sure you keep it going, and don’t forget to check the inspector upon arrival as well.

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