Risk Management Tools in Ashville

When handling food and other consumable products, it is of utmost importance to limit risk for both your customers and your staff. To address this need for businesses in Ashville and the surrounding areas, RiskLimiter has introduced a suite of risk assessment tools for businesses in food service and beyond. The RiskLimiter Inspection Suite can help you and your staff with a myriad of issues, such as reducing slip and fall accidents, recording temperatures, monitoring controlled temperatures in coolers, improving incident reports, and providing innovative cooling logs. Let’s take a closer look at what our platform is all about.


Whether you work in a grocery store or restaurant, the risk of an accident occurring is always present for you and your staff. Unfortunately, slip and fall injuries are commonplace due to the nature of the foodservice environment. However, with RiskLimiter Inspector, you can create a safer facility and provide indisputable proof that you have done so. This risk assessment tool is proven to reduce slip and fall frequency by 30 percent and the overall cost of claims by up to 50 percent.

Food Safety

If you’re looking to increase food safety for your business in Ashville or the surrounding area, then RiskLimiter Food Safety is the risk assessment tool for you. This innovative technology helps you accurately check and record food temperatures to enhance safety and ensure regulatory compliance. Although RiskLimiter Food Safety works seamlessly with third-party thermometers, we pair the highly durable T3™ Smart Thermometer with our mobile app for ultimate accuracy and convenience.

Sensor Monitor

For even more food safety coverage, we recommend RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor. This technology observes controlled temperature devices, like freezers and coolers, and sends alerts when temperatures fall outside a predetermined range. RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor can save you a ton of time and money, as a controlled temperature device that is malfunctioning can be detrimental in many aspects. 


When a customer or employee accident occurs, it is important that details be captured and claims are filed immediately. With RiskLimiter Reporter, you can quickly, easily, and accurately record and respond to every accident in a standardized manner. Not only can this be a valuable asset for workers’ compensation and lawsuits, but it can also help you prevent future accidents. 


RiskLimiter Kitchen is the world’s first automated, mobile app-based cooling log software. This technology is able to provide real-time temperature reports, automatically send alerts, suggest corrective actions, and store all data in the Cloud. The best part is RiskLimiter Kitchen pays for itself in no time!

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RiskLimiter Inspection Suite is considered to be the best all-around inspection software on the market today. If you are looking to limit risk and decrease costs for your business in Ashville or the surrounding area, then RiskLimiter Inspection Suite is the solution for you. To see our technology in action and find out more about the benefits, schedule a demonstration, and one of our qualified representatives will provide you with a guided tour of our platform.