The Best Risk Management Software – Blair County

Have you been searching for the best risk management software for food safety? At RiskLimiter, we have various products all designed to ensure you have the best risk management practices in place. Our RiskLimiter inspection suite from Gleason Technology is known to be one of the best inspection software around today. Our software has evolved with more businesses using it to lower costs and reduce risk. We want to make risk management easy!

Inspection Suite Products

The RiskLimiter Inspector helps reduce the risk of slips and falls by 30% and the overall cost of claims by 50%. The RiskLimiter Inspector has innovative technology and a user-friendly mobile app to help employees and business owners monitor and record the conditions of their work environment and enhance their company’s safety procedures. 

Our research shows that the RiskLimiter Inspector can reduce slips and falls, and our app has changed the inspection process for many businesses. The app uses alert systems and fall protection devices to verify employees’ different routines, ensure satisfactory facility conditions, and where improvement can be made on current safety procedures. Location identification tabs are put in key areas along your employee’s route for inspection. Then, your employee downloads the app on their phone and goes about their normal inspection process while RiskLimiter collects and stores the necessary data on the cloud.

The app will identify a hazard and then notify the employee about the hazard. Employees then can fix the issue, reducing the risk of slips and falls. RiskLimiter Inspector provides proof that you’re doing everything in your power to reduce slips and falls and that you’re following best risk management practices.  

Our T3™ Smart Thermometer is a highly durable combination thermocouple probe and infrared recorder that streams accurate temperature readings to our RiskLimiter app instantly. This is a great app for monitoring food quality. It has real-time reporting, remote location monitoring, and secure data capture features. It also has reliable Bluetooth connectivity, rugged plastic waterproof housing, wireless charging with a long-life battery, and a silicone screen displaying the temperature, battery life, and Bluetooth connection. 

RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor is great for cold storage monitoring. The Sensor Monitor will notify you immediately when equipment malfunctions and temperatures fall out of the correct range. The wireless sensors use a thermistor to accurately measure the temperature and a cellular gateway with a backup battery automatically connects to our online servers.

RiskLimiter Reporter allows you to record accidents immediately after they occur using voice data entry and photo capture options. RiskLimiter Reporter then provides detailed documentation that can be automatically sent to your internal risk and claims department, insurance company, or third-party administrator. This helps when workers’ compensation or a lawsuit emerges.

RiskLimiter Kitchen is the world’s first automated, mobile app-based cooling log software. The app increases food safety, reduces production loss, decreases labor cost, removes errors or cheating, and provides evidence of reasonable care. RiskLimiter Kitchen gives temperature reports and sends alerts in real-time. It suggests corrective actions an employee can take and stores all of the data in the cloud. It’s great for cooking temperature monitoring as well as cold and hot holding monitoring. The automated addition of RiskLimiter Kitchen tracks the cooling process when there are no employees available, which makes it great for overnight cooling. At RiskLimiter, we have a wide variety of innovative products that will assist you with risk management in Blair County.