A Guide for Limiting Risk in Your Hospitality Business

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If you work in the hospitality industry, then you are well aware of the risks associated with your line of work. From slip and fall injuries to food safety, it may seem like the risks are never-ending. The importance of risk management in hospitality industry businesses is only becoming more and more critical. Fortunately, limiting these risks is very much possible with the right preventative actions and tools. Today, we are here to bring you a guide to the many risks your business may face and the best tools to limit common risks in the hospitality industry


Food Safety Risk

Whether you work in a hotel, restaurant, or bar, food is most likely present in your work environment. Food can become easily contaminated if proper precautions are not taken during each step of the preparation and handling process. If your food is not stored or cooked at the proper temperature, then you run the risk of contamination and spreading foodborne illnesses to your customers. There are several solutions to limiting food safety risks in your business. First, you can implement measures to promote cleanliness for your work surfaces and employees. You can also add food safety tools like thermometers and cooling logs to your cooking equipment and temperature-controlled appliances. 


Premises Risk

When it comes to risk assessment in hospitality industry businesses, injury is the first thing many think of. The risk of injury on your premises can relate to both your staff and your guests. Businesses in the hospitality industry see a ton of foot traffic every day, which, unfortunately, makes the probability of injury quite high. These injuries can include tripping on stairs, slipping on wet floors, cuts or burns due to cooking, and much more. While it is rather difficult to prevent all injuries on your premises, measures such as frequent inspections and corrective actions can be taken to help limit risk. 


Data Privacy Risk

Surprisingly, data breaches are a huge risk that many businesses face in the hospitality industry. As cash becomes a thing of the past, more and more customers use credit cards to pay for goods and services in hotels, restaurants, and bars. This greatly increases the risk of a data breach occurring and private information being stolen. To limit this risk, businesses should always keep their systems up to date, be trained in fraudulent credit card detection, and obtain cyber liability insurance. When it comes to risk assessment in hospitality industry businesses, data privacy should be a top priority for you and your business. 


Limit Risk With New Technology

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