The Top Threats to Risk Management in Grocery Stores

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While running a grocery store can be a very rewarding enterprise, it also comes with a lot of risks. Managing all those perishable goods requires a lot of attention and the right equipment. Thankfully, RiskLimiter is here to help. As experts in supermarket risk assessment, we’re familiar with every possible threat your store would have to deal with. While a lot of the problems a grocery store has to consider have to deal with food quality and safety, there are other risks that come with running a retail business.

What are the types of risk in the retail business you might ask? Well, that’s an excellent question. Ask yourself the following. Do you have a security team/plan that knows how to prevent theft in grocery stores? Do you have a slip and fall prevention program? These are some of the things your business needs to think about beyond having a working refrigeration system. At RiskLimiter, we can help you protect your business from all of these problems. Let’s take a closer look.


Poor Food Storage

The most fundamental thing a grocery store has to be careful about is the same thing a restaurant or cafeteria has to worry about: The food you are serving customers must NOT be contaminated. Food contamination can take a lot of different forms but is always a result of improper food storage. That’s why at RiskLimiter we developed our industrial wireless temperature monitoring system. The RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor observes controlled temperature devices and sends alerts when temperatures fall outside of a predetermined range. This way, you’ll know the second something goes wrong with your fridge and be able to fix it as soon as possible. Your food’s safety being compromised means you won’t be able to sell it to your customers, but with strong working sensors in your refrigeration system, you can be prepared to meet any food safety guidelines.


Slip and Fall Accidents

Any business’s worst nightmare is getting hit with an expensive lawsuit that could have easily been prevented. One of the most common types of lawsuits businesses face is from slip and fall incidents. To limit this risk, any smart business should take steps to ensure their workplace is safe for both employees and customers. For this reason, the experts at RiskLimiter have created a slip and fall prevention program to reduce accidents. The RiskLimiter Inspector helps you create a safer facility and provides indisputable proof that you have done so. By using our Inspector, businesses have proven to reduce slip and fall frequency by 30% and overall cost of claims by 50%. Using advanced technology and a mobile app to monitor and document premises conditions, RiskLimiter Inspector helps to verify employee routines, ensure acceptable facility conditions and enhance your company’s safety procedures. Don’t let your business suffer from a costly mistake, make sure you take the steps to limit slip and fall incidents at your grocery store.



What are the types of risks in the retail business? Well, there’s one major risk every retail business has to deal with. Thievery is no joke and affects grocery retailers especially hard. The nature of the products sold in a grocery store makes them easy to hide and steal, as opposed to electronics or other products that have higher-tech security systems. This is one of the things that makes supermarket risk assessments so much different from other types of businesses. Thankfully, the experts at RiskLimiter know what your business needs to look out for and have built a security system designed for grocery stores. By integrating RiskLimiter and Envysion into your business, you give operators the ability to watch videos of completed inspections, as well as added benefits like cloud reporting & digital capture for every inspection performed. Envysion is a video software solution that integrates recorded video with in-store data such as point-of-sale, inspection software, and alarm verification systems, to provide video and audio context alongside activity throughout the store. By choosing RiskLimiter and Envysion, you get the best of both worlds. Paired with RiskLimiter’s Reporter tool, it becomes simple to document and report any customer and employee incident. Plus any POS data gathered can be converted into insights based on location, employee, or transaction to help you decrease risk and recognize the potential unlawful activity.

As a grocery store owner, it’s important you understand where the risks to your business lie and find the best ways to manage them. At RiskLimiter, we are committed to helping your business run as smoothly as possible. Don’t let your business suffer for a mistake that could have easily been prevented. Take the steps today to assess the risks at your business and talk to us today. Whatever your problem may be, RiskLimiter has a solution.