What Are Sensor Monitors For? – Portage

Have you ever walked into a shift at your restaurant job and realized that your refrigerator or freezer hasn’t been working all night long? There is nothing worse than having to throw away tons of spoiled food and wasting precious work hours on fixing your cooling appliance all because of a stupid malfunction. It can also lead to unhappy customers because of a decrease in the selection of meal items they can order. A small shift in temperature can result in a huge financial loss for your business and reputation. Fortunately, RiskLimiter has created the perfect sensor monitor that can help you avoid this disastrous situation. If you are wondering how to use sensor monitors to improve the safety of your food and restaurant, then keep reading. 

What is RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor?

Every second counts when cooling appliance malfunctions in your commercial kitchen and temperatures begin to rise. That is why it is crucial to have an innovative sensor monitor in your kitchen to continuously monitor the state of your food and appliances. Sensor monitors are placed in the controlled temperature appliance that you would like to keep track of. A lead is attached to the monitor to record the exact temperature inside. The lead simulates whatever product you have in your cooling appliance. With the RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor, you can choose how often you would like to monitor the temperature of your appliance. Through the Ethernet gateway, data is collected and transferred to the RiskLimiter mobile app. Since your data is stored on the RiskLimiter cloud, you will always have access to temperature readings. When your RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor detects a temperature that is outside of the predetermined range, it will immediately alert you or anyone else you would like by email, text message, or through the RiskLimiter Manager’s Application. This way, you can fix the issue quickly before your food becomes contaminated and you lose money. Since sensor monitors work without the physical assistance of an employee on-site, you no longer have to worry about keeping that one employee on the overnight shift to monitor the state of your cooling or freezing appliances. 

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Sensor monitors can save you both time and money when an issue arises involving your food or cooling systems. Now that you are no longer wondering how to use sensor monitors, it is officially time to get your hands on your own refrigerator temperature monitoring system for your kitchen! If your commercial kitchen is located in Portage or the surrounding area, then RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor is the perfect solution for increased food safety in your kitchen. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free demo to test out the product. Be sure to check out our other products that can aid in food safety that are included in the RiskLimiter Inspection Suite. We can’t wait to help you and your business succeed with the help of our products!