What Is a Sensor Monitor? – Lakemont

Are you wondering how a sensor monitor works? A sensor monitor is a temperature measurement device. The RiskLimiter Sensor Monitoring is amazing for cold storage monitoring. When your temperature device isn’t working right, every second counts, and not knowing that your device isn’t working is a waste of money and time lost. Our RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor will immediately inform you, through text or email, about the malfunctioning equipment. 

RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor uses a thermistor to accurately measure temperatures and a cellular gateway with a backup battery that will connect to your online server automatically. It is also possible to use ethernet. We all know it’s vital that your products stay at the correct temperature because they could spoil if they are kept at the wrong temperature. This can put a strain on your wallet, and no one wants that. We want to make sure you don’t acquire massive product loss. 

How Does RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor Work

RiskLimiter sensors are placed on a controlled temperature device, with a lead that reaches inside. The leads end in a small tube that has a substance simulating the product that is inside of the cooler. The sensors are made to record the temperature at any interval that you desire. Data is sent wirelessly to the RiskLimiter Ethernet gateway, which is placed 1,000 feet away and is uploaded to the RiskLimiter cloud instantly. 

Alerts are sent if the temperature is out of the safe range, and you can get these notifications through text or email so you can fix things right away. Our RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor is a great temperature measurement device that will give you accurate and quick readings that are easy to access. 

About RiskLimiter 

At RiskLimiter, we wanted to make the best all-around inspection software on the market. 

Our platform has grown, and more businesses are using our products to lower costs and reduce risk. Our technology was one of the first to improve slip and fall prevention in the food industry. Insurance premiums and workers’ compensation have gone up, and this was a factor in developing this technology. In these situations, it’s good to have an accurate record and that you’ve taken every step you can to make sure that there are fewer workplace issues or injuries. At RiskLimiter, we want to limit the risk and increase your profits, so we ask potential clients to ask themselves the following:

  • Are you worried that employees could be injured while performing their duties? 
  • Does the public enter your premises often? 
  • Do you store, serve, or prepare food products that need to be refrigerated? 
  • Have you ever had a general liability lawsuit filed against your company? 
  • Are there any procedures that your staff has to follow to prevent problems?  

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, consider contacting RiskLimiter today! These are important questions to ask when you’re thinking about purchasing any products for your business. A RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor could assist you in making sure that everything that needs to be kept temperature-sensitive is stored correctly, and that if anything goes wrong, you can be notified quickly and fix the issue right away.  If you’ve been searching for a top-rated sensor monitor for commercial use, contact our team today to learn more.